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Ages 15 months to 3 Years

The toddler age is a fundamentally important stage of development as children are establishing the foundation of their growth. Toddlers are seeking to improve their gross and fine motor skills, language, and socio-emotional development. They are acting on their curiosity, asking more questions, establishing theories, becoming more exploratory, and starting to make sense of the world.

At Lotus Learning Center, our emergent and play-based approach allows toddlers to explore at their own pace. Our teachers nurture their curiosity and make observations that allow learning to unfold and manifest organically. Our mixed-age classroom allows younger toddlers to get “mentored” by older toddlers and our older toddlers to establish leadership skills while mentoring their younger peers.

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Ages 3 and 4

Our preschool program is enriching and inventive. There is a broad array of topics and themes that your child can explore. Play-based and project-based learning are integral to supporting your child’s unique interests. Preschoolers at Lotus will explore the natural world through their own senses, observations, and relationships with their peers, teachers, and the classroom environment. Preschoolers will work with concrete materials that empower them to think, create, strategize, and learn through play. They will be able to manipulate materials and explore actions and reactions. Teachers will take a scaffolded approach and act as facilitators for each theme and topic being explored. As the children evolve, the classroom materials will evolve with them.

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Ages 4 and 5

Our Pre-K program offers a blend of play-based learning and project-based learning. We expose children to state learning standards while avoiding an overemphasis on academics that can reduce students’ interest in learning. We believe that kindergarten readiness is not just about the ability to recognize shapes and write letters; it is about finding joy in learning.

The Pre-K program at Lotus ensures that children are active participants in the learning process. It offers children a combination of individualized attention and independence-focused learning. Through collaboration with their peers and teachers and with a deeper exploration of unique projects, children will develop expertise in specific topics.

Skills Emphasized:

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